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Like air pollution itself, Inspire: Health Advocates for Clean Air is global. Health-oriented professionals will find a like-minded group of professionals to discuss the health effects of air pollution, and gain access to useful resources for patient education and advocacy.


Why air pollution?

Air pollution is the leading environmental health risk in the world.

More than 90% of the world is breathing polluted air. Clinicians and public health professionals globally must be equipped with the knowledge and resources to identify and address the adverse effects of unhealthy air.

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We need aggressive local advocacy for clean air now before health systems, especially in low-resource countries, are overwhelmed by the burden of disease
— Dr. Charles B. Sherman, MD, MPH Co-director, East African Training Initiative

Air Quality Near You


Effects on Your Health

What is air pollution? How does your air quality measure up to international standards? Explore the data resources below to see if your country or city has publicly available data on air quality.

Regardless of the source, air pollution as a clear and devastating impact on human health. Even particle pollution at very low concentrations has been shown to have adverse health effects across many of the body’s major organ systems, resulting in illness and premature death.

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Think global, act local. Air pollution is a global problem with local solutions. Be part of our health-oriented coalition.


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