Who we are

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Inspire: Health Advocates for Clean Air is a collaboration incubated by the global health organization Vital Strategies. The initiative was launched by members of the working group on air pollution and lung health at the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. We aim to mobilize a global coalition of clinicians, public health professionals and organizations to advocate for clean, healthy air. By engaging the world’s health community to address the adverse effects of unhealthy air, Inspire aligns with the World Health Organization’s road map for enhanced global action on air pollution.

This site hosts resources to guide health professionals and organizations as they advocate for clean air by engaging governments, media, patients and communities.


Air pollution kills

over 6 million

people every year.

Photo: UNICEF Indonesia


Why air pollution?

Air pollution is the leading environmental health risk in the world. More than 6 million deaths per year are linked to poor air quality, including household and outdoor air pollution. 

Clean air is a human right, yet over 90 percent of the world population breathes polluted air. Air pollution’s impact falls disproportionately on vulnerable people, including women and children living without access to clean household energy. Also at high risk are people living in low- and middle-income countries where urbanization has brought increased emissions from heavy industry and motor vehicles, outpacing air pollution control measures.

 Aggressive clean air action saves lives. Proven solutions exist to halt and reverse air pollution. The most effective approach is targeted control measures that reduce polluting emissions from key sources.


Over 90% of the world’s population breathe polluted air.

Photo: UNICEF Indonesia


Our Strategy

Members of health communities around the world have a unique opportunity and responsibility to advocate for clean air policies on behalf of the people they serve. Inspire provides this global community with a framework and tools to advance the clean air agenda. Clinicians, caregivers, and scientists can build coalitions, share resources and advocate to promote public understanding and increase the political pressure needed to advance clean air policies.


Air quality is getting worse, but the solutions are within reach.

Photo: UNICEF Indonesia


Our Goals

We aspire toward a world where every person breathes clean, healthy air. To achieve this, Inspire will:

  • Improve awareness in the global health community including clinicians, public health practitioners, and scientists about air pollution and its health effects, sources and solutions, as well as harm-reduction measures for individuals.

  • Increase involvement of clinicians and clinical organizations in advocacy for clean air policies.

  • Establish a global network of informed health-oriented champions and speakers on air pollution and health.

  • Grow public awareness of the dangers of air pollution.

  • Exert political pressure on governments to encourage aggressive clean air policies.


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